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****Minimum requirements for all Furocity Media DJs****

1. you must have at least 6 months of dj expedience either on another Internet radio, FM radio, Pod cast, Second Life or training from a broadcasting school. 

2. You must have a broadcasting program like Virtual DJ, SAM broadcaster, etc...

3. Because we are listed as an explicit station, you must be 18 years or older.

4. You must have a sufficient library of music to create play lists for 2 hour sets, multiple days a week. 

5. Must be able to commit to a schedule, DJs do get to pick the days and times they work based on their availability.

6. All DJs are on a volunteer basis, there is no pay for positions. However as the station generates more revenue, there is possibility for pay in the future.

7. You must be able to stick our station's format. Furocity Radio allows: Rock, Pop, Metal, and any variation of these. We DO NOT allow EDM of any kind, Country, Rap/RNB, Religious, or any sub culture of any of these.

8. Because we are licensed, you must be Willing to follow DMCA Licensing rules without accommodation. (track tags, not playing more than 3 songs by the same artist in an hour are a couple of examples in this policy) 

9. High Speed internet connection with atleast 1Mb upload speed. You can check your speed here

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**All Furocity Radio staff volunteers their time to help bring the music to you on a daily basis**